Speedboat Tours

Stunning Coron Island Speed Boat Experience

Stunning Coron Island Speed Boat Experience

Experience stunning destinations of Coron Island’s must-see destinations.

Malcapuya Island With Speed Boat

Breathtaking Island Speed Boat Escapade

Fall in love with the unspoiled natural splendor of Coron and Culion Islands.

Malcatop Landing Craft

Overnight Busuanga-Culion Immersion

Satiate the pursuit of adventure and serenity in a tropical paradise as you explore remote and private islands west of the Calamianes on a speed boat tour.

Dibatoc Island Main Photo

Overnight Coron Island Immersion

Discover turquoise lakes, learn the culture, and more of Coron than meets the eye as you circumnavigate Coron Island.

Busuanga Speed Boat Excursion Lusong Ship Wreck

Busuanga Speed Boat Excursion

Rediscover paradise all in a day with a taste of adventure and serenity combined on this side of Busuanga Island.

Coron Island Speed Boat Excursion Main

Coron Island Speed Boat Excursion

Arguably the most photographed of all Palawan, behold Coron Island’s beauty with more than just a dreamy gaze on a day of exploration.