Arguably the most photographed of all Palawan, behold Coron Island’s beauty with more than just a dreamy gaze on a day of exploration.

Starts at PHP5,900/person
9 Hours Private Tour 10 persons maximum

Highlight of Coron Island Speed Boat Excursion

A few minutes off the coast of the town proper, we find ourselves treading aquamarine waters that seem to illuminate lofty limestone cliffs covered in tropical foliage. Encompassed by this dramatic landscape are waterbodies that extend 100-ft below the surface with an interesting variety of marine life due to its brackish state. Coron Island is also the ancestral abode of the Calamian Tagbanua tribe who rules over its land and waters to the present day.

Barracuda Lake

Beneath its clarity and placidity are underwater valleys formed by surrounding shard-like towers of karst. And with a riveting backwards thermocline, this site is but a pure marvel.

Twin Lagoons

We then take a plunge into one-half of the Twin Lagoons to enter into the other half by swimming through an archway or climbing a ladder up the wall of limestone that separates the two. In the hidden half, glimpse clearly down to the sea floor with its lively world of corals and fish in one of the clearest waters you might have ever seen in your travels thus far.

Cali's Point

Our speedy voyage shall take us to the remote southern tip of the island, Calis Point. Here we savor our local picnic lunch, have a swim and relax on the beach. Also, check out a nearby lagoon and lake to cap off your legendary reintroduction to Coron.

Kayangan Lake

Moving towards the most vivid of waters, we momentarily dock at the foot of Kayangan Cove to traverse to Kayangan Lake. This semi-challenging 10-minute climb is quenched as it opens to spectacular view from the top that you must not miss when in Coron. Awaiting down the other side of the climb is a mesmerizing lake of refreshingly clean and inviting emerald-green waters to swim in.

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7:30 AM - Hotel pickup

Our service van will pick you up at your hotel anywhere in Coron.

7:45 AM - Boarding time

Board our speedboat waiting at a private place.

8:00 AM - Island hopping tour proper

Your Coron Island Speed Boat Excursion begins. Enjoy your trip as our licensed tour guide assists you as you explore the Island of Coron.

4:30 PM - Depart Cali's Point

In approximately 40 minutes, you will be back in the town of Coron.

5:00 PM - Coron Town / End of tour

We thank you for your trust and for touring with PULO.

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