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Calamianes is a tropical archipelago of over a hundred islands set like crown jewels at the head of the Philippines' Final Frontier, Palawan, where boundless adventures await over and beneath its crystalline waters.

PULO (pu‧lô')

is Tagalog for Island--where our journey revolves around.

At PULO EXPEDITION CHARTERS, we offer exploration in the islands of Calamianes through speed boat charters and guided island-hopping tours to must-see and off-the-beaten locations for sightseeing, diving, and relaxation as well as inland trips including kayaking and SUP, biking, and glamping. Founded in Coron, Palawan, in 2016, PULO is born out of a love for nature and the outdoors from an ideal concept collaboration between Hans Yao Co, (founder of Beyond Outdoor Adventures Inc. pioneer in organized bike and adventure tours in the Philippines) and Al Linsangan (Calamianes Expeditions & Ecotours, the premier local Coron tour operator with almost 20 years experience).

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