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About Pulo Expedition Charters

The premier exclusive boat tour operator in Coron, Busuanga, and Culion.

PULO (pu‧lô') Expedition Charters' Story

Pulo Expedition Charters is dedicated to providing visitors with a once-in-a-lifetime exploration experience in the beautiful islands of Calamianes. As a Tagalog word for island, "Pulo" truly encompasses the essence of our journey. We offer a wide range of activities, such as speed boat charters, guided island-hopping tours, and inland trips. Our expertly curated excursions ensure that you get to experience the must-see and off-the-beaten locations across the archipelago. At PULO, we provide the best options to explore the wonders of Calamianes. Whether you want to go sightseeing, diving or just relaxing in a serene environment, our tour packages cater to all your needs. Our inland trips include kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, biking, and glamping. Established by visionary founders Hans Yao Co, and Al Linsangan, PULO is a blend of nature and adventure, aiming to offer a unique experience to its visitors. Our founders' passion for the outdoors is evident in the company's offerings and the way it has been designed. Calamianes is a tropical paradise that boasts breathtaking views and clear waters, making it an ideal destination for adventure enthusiasts. Explore this beautiful corner of the Philippines with us, and let us take you on an unforgettable journey that you will cherish for life.

Discover Calamianes On Speed Boat

Discover more of scenic Calamianes and cruise through some of the clearest waters in the world on private speed boat. Whether you’re seeking out adventure in the alluring seascape of Coron or Busuanga to explore brooding war-wrought shipwrecks or an escape to an array of unsplit tropical beaches with coral-fringed reefs heading south to Culion and Linapacan, our guided speed boat tours ensure you a trip of a lifetime. Fill your day with sightseeing and diving opportunities with Excursions, or choose to spend a night glamping under the stars with another day to paddle out at sea, and visit local villages with Immersions. Take your pickup from our itineraries and we’ll take care of the rest, or set your own pace and experience more of Calamianes on a customized multi-day Expedition. We love to talk and attend to our customers' concerns. Send us a message.

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