Barracuda Lake, Coron, Palawan

Barracuda Lake

Barracuda Lake is one of the most popular destinations in Coron, Palawan. They say that you haven’t been to Coron if you have not been to Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, and Barracuda Lake.

Barracuda Lake, Coron, Palawan is a thermocline freshwater lake. It means that the lake has layers of water with varying temperatures and densities. Divers and snorkelers will instantly feel the sudden change in temperature as they swim in the water.

Above the calm turquoise-green water of Barracuda Lake is a haven for those seeking peace. It is surrounded by tall limestone rock formations that are about 50 meters in height. While underwater is a home for different vibrant marine species. A perfect place for divers and free-divers of all levels.

Whether you are seeking for a place to relax or is seeking underwater adventures, Barracuda Lake offers exceptional experiences that can be added to your bucket list.

Why is it Called Barracuda Lake?

Barracuda Lake, Coron, Palawan is named after a fascinating story. The locals named it “Barracuda Lake” after the discovery of a Barracuda’s skeleton in its depth. Also, the story says that there is a big Barracuda that likes to hide among the rock formations at the other side of the lake. While the name “Barracuda” sounds frightening, we can assure that the lake’s environment is tranquil. If you are lucky you may still catch a glimpse of one. Additionally, the locals of Coron calls it Luluyuan Lake.

Things to Do in Barracuda Lake

Barracuda Lake
Barracuda Lake

The most common activities in Barracuda Lake Coron, Palawan is swimming and snorkeling by those who are not into diving.

1. Barracuda Lake Dive

The thermocline condition of Barracuda Lake offers a unique diving experience. Thermocline is when layers of cold water and warm water meet. Beginner and experienced divers will definitely enjoy its Instagram-worthy limestone rock formations as the backdrop.

2. Relaxation

Barracuda Lake is a great place to find peace and quiet away from the bustling city. Many visitors come here to enjoy the calm surroundings and relaxing environment. Sitting by the wooden platform’s edge of the lake is a perfect way to unwind and take in the natural environment.

3. Photography and Nature Appreciation

Barracuda Lake has enchanting limestone cliffs and calm water that reflect natural beauty. Photographers will love the picturesque panorama for capturing stunning photographs. It’s a great place for nature lovers to unwind and enjoy the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. The breathtaking view offers a perfect opportunity to enjoy the wonders of nature.

4. Barracuda Lake Freediving

Freedivers will be extremely happy to dive in Barracuda Lake because of its remarkable freediving experiences that is exclusive and surreal. It’s unlike any other freediving spot in the world. The following are some of the reasons you may want to freedive in Barracuda Lake:

  • Thermocline water – divers can experience a sudden change in temperature.
  • Crystal clear visibility – the water is so clear that you will be able to see up to 30 meters deep which in turn allows for easy navigation under the water.
  • Beautiful underwater landscape – you can freedive or scuba dive it underwater limestone formations.
  • Safety – because of its still water, it is safe for diver and freedivers regardless of skill level provided there is guidance.
  • Accessibility – it is easy to access, just a short walk from the boat to the wooden platform.

FAQs About Barracuda Lake Coron Palawan

1. Barracuda lake depth

The average depth of Barracuda Lake is about 30 meters deep. While the deepest part is between 30 to 40 meters.

2. Barracuda Lake location

Barracuda Lake is located on the Island of Coron. Please click this link to open on Google Maps.

3. How to get to Barracuda Lake?

The easiest way to get to Barracuda Lake is via a packaged tour that you can avail in advance from your tour operator of choice. Be careful when choosing a tour as not all tour packages include Barracuda Lake. If you are a freediver or a scuba diver, there tour packages in Coron that exclusively offers diving or freediving trips.

4. Are there Barracudas in Barracuda Lake?

Though the lake is named after a giant barracuda when a skeleton was discovered in its waters, there has been no sightings of barracuda from any divers for years. The discovery of the skeleton suggests that there was once barracudas living in the lake.

5. Is Barracuda Lake safe?

Yes, Barracuda Lake is safe for anyone who wishes to visit it. Its calm water is also perfect for divers of all skill levels. Of course, it is assumed that you have a proper training already.

However, as with any other natural attractions like the Barracuda Lake, Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, it comes with its own set of risks. This is the same with other natural attractions anywhere in the world. Proper risk assessment, behavior, and use of the lake can go a long way when you visit an attraction anywhere in Coron.

6. Kayangan Lake or Barracuda Lake?

We have answered this from a separate blog post. Please read our posts “Kayangan Lake, Coron, Palawan, Philippines” blog post. The idea here is that it depends on your preference. Both Kayanang Lake and Barracuda Lake offer different kinds of experiences.

7. Is Barracuda lake saltwater?

Barracuda Lake is primarily a freshwater lake. However, it is connected to the sea by a series of underground tunnels. It means that the lake is a mixture of fresh and saltwater. The surface of the water is freshwater while the bottom is saltwater. This is because saltwater is heavier than fresh water so it sinks to the bottom of the lake. This mixture then creates the extraordinary feeling when diving. And also the reason why it is a popular diving spot in Coron, Palawan.

8. When was the Barracuda Lake Skeleton discovered?

It is said that the well-preserved skeleton was discovered in early 1970s by local fishermen. Discovered at a depth of 30 meters, well preserved because of the lakes’ cool and clear water.

However, there is no written record as to who and when was the exact date of its discovery. The discovery of a giant barracuda in the lake is more of a local legend and tale that has been passed down for years. This story added to Barracuda Lakes’ allure and mystery. We highly suggest that you approach this legend with curiosity and recognize that the exact details might be a blend of legends and folklore.

If ever you saw one on your visit, please let us know immediately on the comments below.

9. When is the best time to visit Barracuda Lake?

The best time to visit Barracuda Lake is also the best time to visit Coron, Palawan or any other destinations here. We highly suggest you visit Barracuda Lake in dry season which is in the last week of November to early May. Summer in the Philippines is from March to April. This is especially for people who are traveling half of the globe. During wet season, you may encounter a good weather but is not guaranteed.

10. What is the water temperature in Barracuda Lake?

The average temperature of Barracuda Lake depends on how deep you are in the water. However, the temperature at the surface to middle depth is approximately 28 to 30 degrees Celsius. While deeper depths, could reach as high as 37 to 38 degrees Celsius. This sudden change in temperature is what makes a unique diving experience. It also intrigues many divers.

11. What aquatic life can you see in Barracuda Lake?

Barracuda Lake is not really known to host abundant marine species if compared to other diving and snorkeling sites in Coron, Palawan like the Siete Pecados Marine Park. Based on videos by different divers who have visited the place, there are some species that can be spotted in the lake.

  • Small fishes – a variety of small fishes but not as colorful as the ones that you can see in shipwrecks and other marine parks.
  • Small shrimps
  • Snails – various snails can be seen clinging to the rocks at crawling at the bottom.
  • Algae and aquatic plants – it has some underground vegetation in the form of algae and few aquatic plants.
  • Barracuda – as per the local legend, barracudas can be seen in the lake but loves to shy away from divers. Spotting a barracuda in the lake today can be extremely rare and most divers do not encounter them.
We do not take ownership of this video. Thanks to the uploader wgreenti.

12. What should I bring to Barracuda Lake?

Please refer to our FAQs page as most of the things that you need to bring in Barracuda Lake are also the things you need to bring during your island-hopping tour in Coron. If you are a freediver, you may want to bring your personal snorkel or freediving fins. If you are a scuba dive you may bring your own scuba gear but is not necessary as you can rent from one of the scuba diving operators in Coron. Safety gears for swimming and snorkeling should be provided to you by your tour operator.

13. Is Barracuda Lake suitable for beginners?

Yes, Barracuda Lake is safe for beginners. Some of the reasons why we say so is because of its calm water, clear visibility, shallow and deep sections, and plenty of dive schools and local guides. These dive schools and local guides provide guidance and ensure safety which is important for novice divers.

Some few safety considerations for beginners are

  • the sudden temperature change which may come as an unfamiliar sensation
  • as with any diving activity, it is important to follow safety protocols, listen to the dive master or guide, and ensure you’re comfortable with the dive.

Barracuda Lake can be a fantastic place for snorkeling, freediving, and scuba diving even for beginners with right guidance and understanding the risks and safety considerations.

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