Coron Palawan Tour Packages: Quick Guide

Coron Palawan Tour Packages: Your Guide to Avoid Confusion

Two Main Categories of Coron Palawan Tour Packages: Private Tours and Joiner Tours

Coron, Palawan tour packages are categorized into two categories: private or exclusive tours and joiner or group tours. This distinction is important to keep in mind when choosing a tour operator, as it can affect the price and overall experience of your Coron Island hopping tour.

It’s common to find differences in pricing for similar tours offered by different tour operators. For example, Tour A from one operator may be cheaper than an Ultimate Tour from another operator. This is because Tour A is a joiner tour, where you will be joining other travelers for the tour, while the Ultimate Tour is a private or exclusive tour, where you and your group will have the tour guide and boat all to yourselves. 

So, whether you prefer a more intimate experience or a lively group dynamic, it’s essential to choose a tour package that suits your needs and budget.

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Why are Joiner or Group Tour Packages Cheaper in Coron?

Joiner or group tours in Coron are generally cheaper because the cost per person is spread out amongst a larger group. This allows for a lower per-person cost on transportation, meals, and activity fees. Group tours also benefit from economies of scale, as the tour operator can negotiate better rates for larger groups with the local vendors and suppliers who provide transportation and tour services. 

Additionally, group tour packages are often pre-packaged, so the tour operator is able to streamline their operations and reduce overhead costs, which translates to lower prices for customers. Finally, competition is fierce here in Coron, so many tour operators offer competitive pricing to attract customers. Overall, group tours offer an affordable and convenient way for travelers to explore the beautiful and captivating Coron, Palawan.

Why are Exclusive or Private Tour Packages More Expensive in Coron?

There are several reasons why private tour packages in Coron are more expensive than group tours. Firstly, exclusive Coron tours offer more personalized and flexible experiences tailored to the preferences of the customer. This requires more time and resources from the tour operator which results in higher costs. 

Secondly, private tours usually include added-value services such as exclusive access to certain destinations; additional equipment for enjoyment like kayak or paddleboard; additional gears like snorkels and paddles; and private transportation like vans and boats. These additional services and equipment come at an extra cost to the tour operator.

Thirdly, private tours usually have a smaller group size, which means the costs of the tour are being shared by fewer individuals. 

Finally, private tours often provide higher quality amenities such as higher quality meals, better equipment and more knowledgeable guides. All these factors contribute to the higher price of private tours compared to group tours.

We only cater to small exclusive tours.

Choosing a Coron Palawan Tour Package Boils Down to Your Preferences

Whether you are going for a group tour or an exclusive island hopping tour in Coron, Palawan boils down to your preferences or tour requirements. Some tourists are okay joining a group tour while some require a more personalized experience like picking them up at their hotels or at the airport or seaport. Another example is departing earlier or later than the usual tour time. These things are not offered if you availed joiner tours.

Some Tips Before Booking a Coron Palawan Tour Package.

Calumbuyan Island

As mentioned above, it’s all about your preference and budget. Now, before you book your tour, you may want to ask the following questions if the tour package meets your expectations.

1. How much is the tour and what are the inclusions?

Most of the time, the tour operators will only list the inclusions in their marketing collateral on the web or in print. What you see on the list is what you will get. If its not mentioned, then it means it is not included. The price of a tour package in Coron, regardless if it is a group tour or an exclusive tour, should always include the lunch, boat or speed boat, at least a bottled water, and all entrance fees. 

2. What are the included destinations or attractions?

You may notice that some tour packages come with a slightly higher price tag than others, even though they offer similar category of tours, such as private or group tours. This price discrepancy may be attributed to a variety of factors, including differences in entrance fees of the destinations included in the tours. Some destinations may have higher entrance fees than others, which can contribute to the overall cost of the tour package.

Therefore, it’s important to do your research and compare the included destinations of the tours you’re interested in, so you can have a better understanding of why one tour is more expensive than the other. By considering all the factors, you can make an informed decision and choose a tour package that suits your budget and preferences.

3. Are the equipment included per the activity mentioned in the itinerary?

In most exclusive tour packages, the equipment comes with it if the itinerary says so. If it includes kayaking, then kayak should be there. If it says snorkeling, a snorkel should be there. You should not be charge extra for them. Verify this information with the tour operator of your choice.

4. Read reviews

Choose the right tour operator by researching and reading reviews. Checking reviews from other travelers will help you find a reputable operator that provides value for money. Compare prices and select an operator that fits your travel needs and budget to ensure an enjoyable and memorable travel experience.

5. Decide on the activities and destinations. Ask the possibility of customizing your tour.

Most of the Coron, Palawan tour packages being offered are pre-packaged. They have a fix set of destinations. However, you also have an option to customize the destinations based on your liking and research. Talk to the tour operator if they can customize the destination. Be aware, however, that the overall price of the tour may be higher than the ones published on their site.

Also, you may add additional activities like paddle boarding and kayaking for extra enjoyment. The equipment is available for extra charge, though.

6. What is the meal arrangement? Can I request for vegan or vegetarian food?

Coron Palawan packaged tours should always include lunch and drinks, as we mentioned. It’s better to ask your tour operator of choice about the meal if you are following a strict diet requirements. Vegans can ask for vegan meals. You just need to inform them prior to your tour. 

7. Are hotel pickup and drop off included if your accommodation is outside of Coron?

Exclusive or private Coron tour packages includes a more personalized experience. One of these is the hotel pickup and drop off anywhere in Coron. If you are booked outside of Coron, you should make it clear to them that you will be picked up outside of the town. Because there is an additional fee for this. This is important to avoid miscommunication.


All of our exclusive tours include hotel pickup and drop off anywhere in Coron. If you're booked in Busuanga, we can arrange transportation for you if you choose this option when you book. If you are booked within Coron town, you do not have to do so.

8. What is the group size?

The maximum capacity per tour in Coron is depends on the capacity of the boat. But on average, most tours have a maximum seating capacity of 12. If you are not comfortable with a big group like this, a private tour is more suitable for you.


Do you know that our speed boat tour has a maximum of 8 people per tour? We do this to ensure that all of you receive the attention of our crews.

9. Read the cancellation and booking policy first.

We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances may arise, leading to the need to cancel a scheduled tour. As a tour operator, we strive to maintain a cancellation policy that is fair to both parties. We kindly request that you take the time to carefully read and fully understand the cancellation policy before booking any of our speed boat or traditional boat tours from other tour operators. It is important to note that these tours require significant financial investments in advance.

Any cancellation that occurs close to the tour date may lead to us incurring logistical expenses or losing an opportunity to book another client. We value our clients’ satisfaction, and we would hate nothing more than for miscommunication to arise. That is why we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our cancellation policy beforehand to avoid any inconvenience and ensure a seamless experience.

In Summary: Coron Palawan Tour Packages

Coron Palawan tour packages offer visitors a chance to explore the beauty of Coron Island through various activities such as island hopping, beach hopping, trekking, and diving. Private tours allow individuals or groups to create their own itinerary and have exclusive access to the tour guide and boat. This allows for a more personalized experience with flexibility in the schedule and activities. 

Group tours, on the other hand, are typically less expensive and offer a chance to meet new people while sharing the cost of transportation and activities. Both private and group tours provide opportunities to experience the stunning natural beauty of Coron Island and its surrounding areas.

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